Module ZIGBEE CC2530

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Module ZIGBEE CC2530

This module uses TI 's CC2530F256 chip produced.

A. XL2530-D01 wireless module
1 ,  transmit power 2.5mW ( 4dBm ); receiving sensitivity -97dBm (BER = 10-2) 
2 ,  opening band, no need to apply frequency, carrier frequency 2.4GHz . 
3 ,  high anti-interference ability and low error rates of 
4 ,  air transmission rates up to 250kbps . 
5 ,  the range of visibility, the reliable transmission distance up to 100 meters ( PCBantenna), but also by IPEX interface to an external high-gain antenna on the module that determines the distance from the antenna gain, gain twice as large as twice the distance. 
6 ,  to provide 16 channels, automatically choose a reliable channel of communication depending on the environment. 
7 ,  power consumption: receive current ≤27mA , the emission current ≤ 40mA . 
8 ,  small size and light weight. 
9 ,  using SoC , less peripheral circuits, high reliability, and low failure rate. 
10 ,  to provide PCB -board antenna, under normal circumstances can not matched antenna. Also provides external antenna plug.

11 ,  adapt 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4 protocol and ZigBee applications, network automatically.

12 , module size 21.5x2MM


B. The application
Family intelligent control  wireless meter readingRemote control and monitoring, automated data collection systemSecurity, alarm  hotel room equipment wireless monitoring, access control systems, personnel locationTransportation, street lighting controlLogistics, active RFID, POS system, wireless handsets


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