Module RFID HZ-1050 125Khz

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  • Module RFID HZ-1050 125Khz
  • Features:
    - Wigan 26/34 selectable by one jumper
    - Baud rate selectable
    - With light indicator
    - Small size and exquisite

    - Only read ID card(EM4100 4001, etc)
    - Card frequency: 125K
    - Read distance: 3-10cm
    - Read time: <0.2s
    - Output port: Wigan 26/34; Serial port UART output, TTL level
    - Power: 3.3-5.5V
    - Work temperature: -55~+125°C
    - Humidity: 20-90%RH for work, 10-90% for storage
    - Pressure: 86-106Kpa
    - Size: 29*62mm
    - Cable: 35*54mm
    - Cable lead: 10cm
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