Camera RS232 PTC06 

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Camera RS232 PTC06 

Module Board Size: 28mmx20mmx9mm (not socket height)
IC VC0706 (VC0706 3.3V Camera Module TTL/UART) 

Image Sensor Type: CMOS 1/4 inch

Image pixels: 300,000

Pixel Size: 5.6umx5.6um

Output format: Standard JPEG / M-JPEG

White Balance: Automatic

Exposure: Automatic

Gain: Automatic

Shutter: Electronic rolling shutter


Dynamic Range: 60DB

Max Analog Gain: 16DB

Frame Dayton: 640x480 30fps

Scan mode: progressive scan

Viewing Angle: 120 degrees (optional)

Monitoring Distance: 5 meters (maximum 15 meters, adjustable)

Image size: Default VGA (640x480) optional QVGA (320x240)

Night vision infrared light: Optional

Serial rate: Default 115200

Operating Current: 100mA

Working voltage: DC3.3V-5V (recommended 5V)

Communication Interface: TTL / URAT (TX, RX, GND)
- TX(Ca) -- RX (MCU)
- RX(Ca) -- TX (MCU)





Hướng Dẫn Sử Dụng:
1. Giới Thiệu
PTC06 is the spectrum of Thai Communication Technology Co., Ltd. designed and manufactured in Guangzhou City, a set of image acquisition, shooting control 
 System, data compression, the serial transmission in one of the industry-level image acquisition and processing module. 
 Its built-in high performance digital signal processing chip to achieve a high percentage of the original image compression. Products in Figure 
 Like the output uses standard JPEG format can be easily compatible with a variety of image processing software; 3-wire TTL level UART communications interface can be easily implemented with a microcontroller or other microprocessor 
2. Kết Nối
 The default baud rate is 115200, other selectable baud rate 9600,19200,38400 and 57600. 
 PTC06 detailed communication protocol is as follows: (the number of instructions are hexadecimal) 
1. A reset command: 56,002,600 Back: 76 00 26 00 + DSP version information 
 (Just the judge to return the first four bytes can correct the version information does not matter) 
 Camera instruction: 5600360100 return: 76 00 36 00 00 
2. Reading film images length instruction: 5600340100 Back: 76 00 34 00 04 00 00 XX 
 XX YY ------- picture data length, XX for the high byte, YY is the low byte 
 Read the captured image data command: 56 00 32 0C 00 0A 00 00XX XX00 00YY YY00 
 Returns: 76 00 32 00 00 FF D8. . . . . . FF D9 76 00 32 00 00 
 00 00 XX XX --- starting address (the first high byte, low byte must be a multiple of 8) 
 00 00 YY YY --- read data length (high byte first, low byte) 
 Note: The complete JPEG image file must be based on the FF D8 FF D9, the end. 
 If it is a one-time read out the entire image data, the start address is: 00 million, the read 
 The data length is 4.3 instruction byte length read out the whole picture. Data is read out to FF 
 D8 at the beginning of the FF D9, at the end. 
 If you want multiple reading the image data, first read the start address is: 00 million, after 
 Several times to read start address is the last time at the end of the read data address. 
 Clear image cache command: Returns: 5600360103 7600360000 
 3. Set taking pictures compression rate of instruction: 56 00 31 05 01 01 12 04 of XX to return: 7600 
 310 000 
 XX the general election of 36 (range: 00 ---- FF) 
 Set the camera image size command: (default size: 640 * 480) 
 5,600,310,504,010,019 11 (320 * 240) Back: 76 00 31 00 00 
 56 00 31 05 04 01 00 19 00 (640 * 480) 
 56 00 31 05 04 01 00 19 22 (160 * 120) 
 Note: set the image size command, you need to reset time, the new settings to take effect! 

 8 to modify the temporary serial port baud rate of instruction: 56 00 24 03 01 XX YY 

 Returns: 7600240000 

 XX YY rate 
 AE C8 9600 
 56 E4 19200 
 2A F2 38400 
 1C 4C 57600 
 0D A6 115200 
 A default baud rate is: 115200 
 Use the instructions to modify the baud rate, re-power on, will be back to 115200. 
 9 modify the instruction of the serial port the initial baud rate: 56 00 31 06 04 02 00 08 XX YY 
 Returns: 76,003,100 
 XX YY rate 
 AE C8 9600 
 56 E4 19200 
 2A F2 38400 
 1C 4C 57600 
 0D A6 115200 
 Note: modify the serial initial baud rate, you need to reset or power-on time, the new settings will 
To take effect! 
 PTC06 camera photographed the process 
 (1) on the power 
 (2) delay of 2.5 seconds 
 (3) Set the camera image size command (optional, such as changing, you need to reset to take effect) 
 (4) The reset command (optional, if there is no step 3, the step does not require) 
 (5) Set the camera image compression rate instruction (optional) 
 (6), send empty the picture cache instruction 
 (7) send the camera instruction 
 (8) sends a read film images length instructions 
 (9) according to the length of the picture obtained in Step 8, sent to read the image data instructions 
 (10) again, such as camera, then return to Step 6, the first empty the cache, then start the next picture 

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Phần mềm: 
Mặc định Module: 115200

Hướng dẫn sử dụng phần mềm PTC01:
Mở phần mềm ở chế độ "Run as admin"
- Chọn cổng COM --> Chọn tốc độ mặc định
và chọn như hình


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