Bàn Phím Raspberry MiNi 2.4G

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Bàn Phím Raspberry MiNi 2.4G

Bàn phím không giây 2.4G

Kích thước: 146.8x97.5x19MM
Khối lượng: 182g


 Having a super good use of touch, super good shape design, the most full-featured, most portable Features:

1: QWERTY keyboard, up to 92 keys  
2: ergonomic design, perfect appearance  
3: larger trackpad, a unique dual mouse button  
3: innovative full-screen scrolling function, perfect experience (Fn + Touchpad )  
4: replaceable lithium polymer battery, can be recharged, safe, durable, universal Nokia BL-4C battery  
5: use environmentally friendly materials, the whole lead-free processes, in line with ROHS standard  
6: innovative smart technology to code, not Sign Receiver is lost, worry-free sale  
7: unique hotkey design, the use of more fun



* The upper left corner can be adjusted on music song next song, pause, mute, sound volume, the top right corner of the four arrow keys and the Enter key. 
* Dual mouse button design, more convenient; 
* the upper left corner from top to bottom circle button hotkeys, which are a key to turn on the player, a key to open the mailbox, the mute, the left mouse button, the upper right corner from top to bottom circle button are a key to open the search, a key to open My Computer, open the browser home page, the right mouse button; 
* With F1-F12 keys; 
• Press FN does not let go and then paddling touchpad scroll bar to look at the page; 
* Press do not let go under the FN and press the spacebar adjustable mouse speed, two-speed adjustable
* streamlined design, two-handed operation, gain control, video game-like feel

* Fine workmanship, first-class industrial design, own gifts to share


1 x Mini Keyboard flying squirrel

1 x USB Adapter

1 x data cable

1 x Manual

1 x box





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